Washakie County School District #2

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Ten Sleep K-12 School

2017 Homecoming Parade 2017 Homecoming - Juniors 2017 1st Grade Class First Grade class in their pineapple glasses 2016 all students and staff picture in blue shirts
2016 High school volleyball team 2016 High School Football team Middle School Volleyball Team Middle School Football Team Two students doing a science experiment
Three students doing a science experiment Two students doing a science experiment Student and community members getting ready to launch a balloon Mr. Hauptman's class launching a balloon Students watching a hot air balloon
Volleyball cake 2016-2017 2nd and 3rd Grade Students Kindergarten students making foam High School Volleyball team at the UW campus High School Volleyball Team
Red hills around Ten Sleep 2016-2017 2nd and 3rd Grade Class departments/440094/13216_thumb.jpg departments/440094/38895_thumb.jpg departments/440094/26546_thumb.jpg
departments/440094/10452_thumb.jpg departments/440094/09876_thumb.jpg departments/440094/66401_thumb.jpg departments/440094/75228_thumb.jpg departments/440094/63409_thumb.jpg
departments/440094/95480_thumb.jpg departments/440094/03659_thumb.jpg departments/440094/97042_thumb.jpg departments/440094/87572_thumb.jpg departments/440094/82566_thumb.jpg
departments/440094/29216_thumb.jpg departments/440094/29259_thumb.jpg departments/440094/45250_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49069_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49105_thumb.jpg
departments/440094/49159_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49173_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49201_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49232_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49243_thumb.jpg
departments/440094/49291_thumb.jpg departments/440094/49314_thumb.jpg