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Counselor's Corner


Your Kids Don’t NEED to Come to School


Or do they? It is that time of year when illness takes over and schedules get busy; spring fever starts to kick in, and the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter. Spring testing will soon control a teacher’s plan book. Students NEED to attend school. Besides the obvious, this is why: teachers (and coaches) plan their days around who will attend. Perhaps teachers have plans for group work and pair work. If students are missing that day, teachers have to revamp their entire plan… and if more than one student is absent, this causes a complete shift in plans. Don’t get me wrong, teachers are incredible and flexible and totally think on the go… but if they didn’t have to, they could dedicate even more energy into already effective teaching and use that “wasted” revamping time to give to students. When students miss, they miss out on the “life lessons” that cannot be recreated or assigned as homework. Students miss messages, scholarships, and other opportunities when they are absent. If a child is continually tardy, they greatly miss out on the beginning of the day messages and introductions. This could even cause a student to feel like an outsider thus leading to several other “issues” that could dramatically affect their outlook on school.

Obviously if your child is sick, we don’t want them to share that at school. Please keep them home. So many times we continue on in class, only to stop frequently to address the student/s that were absent because that student desperately wants to know every single comment that was made the day before; it’s almost in demand of a complete repeat of the day. If you can imagine, this causes all sorts of derailment for class progressing forward. Just a friendly reminder that school is important and things besides math and writing are

being taught (and missed out on).


Scholarship Information: Students will be sent notification in emails and text when appropriate about scholarships, due dates, and other important information. A list of scholarships will be posted, when available, on the website, on the bulletin board, and in the counseling office. Parent notification will also be available if the parent opts for the reminder. Scholarship apps will be available thru the counseling office and pinned to the bulletin board. Listed below are sites that can be useful to them for that purpose.

Additional search sites:

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