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Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2019

Attendance: Kinley, Zayne, Savanna


Tutoring: Matt is managing tutoring for March

Cookie assembly-  7th period distribute (Kinley and Zayne)


Upcoming Service obligations:

Book Fair:  March 20,21 set up and take down

April 4: Bingo for books

April 1: child care for Rachel's Challenge


February 6, 2019

Attendance: Kinley, Matt, Kelli, Katon, Katon


Tutoring: Kelli is managing for February. Two peer tutors needed at all times.

Reminder: Fabruary 14 town candy cup delivery

February is "random acts of kindness" month: brainstormed ideas for a school event.

Matt added that we do something special for the special staff such as secretaries and janitors. It was decided that we would all bring cookies and assemble cookie trays for those staff members along with a special note of gratitude.


Sept. 27, 2018

Attendance: Kinley, Kelli, and Katon, Mrs. Wiechmann


Harvest Dinner was discussed. The Harvest Dinner is NHS's service project washing the dishes. The Harvest Dinner is October 13, 5-9. Members are expected to work a shift washing dishes. FFA members will also join our NHS in this helpful task.


Tutoring: Tutoring is up and running. Peer tutors are needed to Tuesday and Thursdays. We brainstormed a list of other peer tutors in the school to ask.

Katon is managing October tutors. Kelli is managing November tutors, and Kinley is managing December tutors (and did September). Members are expected to find tutors for the Tuesday and Thursday time slots.


Recycling was discussed. School wide paper recycling will occur bi-weekly on Wednesdays. (last recycle was Oct. 3)


Officers were appointed:

Katon- President

Kelli- VP

Kinley- Secretary