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Counselor's Corner


New course offerings for the second semester include: Animal Science taught by Michelle Arnett and Music Lessons instructed by music teacher Karen Loveland.

Animal Science is offered first and seventh periods.

Music Lessons are offered second and seventh periods. Students are allowed to remain in their currently scheduled course and take a music lesson once a week for 30 minutes. Teachers are working together to provide this benefit to students who wish to participate in music and continue to learn an instrument. An amazing cooperative staff makes this happen seamlessly.


Skills of Tomorrow:

Mrs. Wiechmann has been working with the middle school boys and girls in their respective groups. Group work takes place twice a month when the Friday schedule allows for 30 minutes. Topics include, but aren’t limited to: kindness, teamwork, respect, determination, relationship building, anti-bullying, effort, hard work, self-esteem, trust, and goal setting. It’s really more like a course in “life skills”.



Ms. Andee is a 10th grader who wants to give her time to help support our teams and lead a cheer squad. Andee works with students in grades K-8 during her lunch to teach them cheers and build team spirit. Currently there are 8 dedicated K-3 graders who attend cheer practice and work with Andee. Look for them at the games! Mrs. Wiechmann helps Andee and gives her adult supervision and support.


National Honor Society

The Ten Sleep National Honor Society inducted four new members on January 22. Byron Powell, Katon Fox, Kinley Erickson, and Kelli Holiday will join Lee Whitlock to serve in the National Honor Society (NHS). Mrs. Wiechmann, as the advisor, is extremely excited to have more than one member to work with. NHS activities include: after school tutoring, recycling, delivering CSO candy cups, working the Harvest Dinner in the fall, Random Acts of Kindness week, and a few other little projects. National Honor Society is the highest honor a high school student can receive. It is based on the four pillars of the organization: character, service, leadership, and scholarship. If you have a project that you need help with, seek out the NHS for assistance. We are looking for service projects and would enjoy helping you out!



Scholarship Information: Students will be sent notification in emails and text when appropriate about scholarships, due dates, and other important information. A list of scholarships will be posted, when available, on the website, on the bulletin board, and in the counseling office. Parent notification will also be available if the parent opts for the reminder. Scholarship apps will be available thru the counseling office and pinned to the bulletin board. Listed below are sites that can be useful to them for that purpose.

Additional search sites:

ACT DATES 2016-2017

 September 10

October 22

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