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The State of Wyoming provides Hathaway Merit and Need Scholarships to Wyoming students attending the University of Wyoming and Wyoming community colleges. Every Wyoming student who meets the merit requirements can earn a Hathaway Merit Scholarship. Contact the Ten Sleep High School counselor for more information. 366-2233 ext. 510

**When available, scholarships will be handed TO students, posted on the board, and emailed to students. Therefore students KNOW about the scholarship, HAVE ELECTRONIC access so they can type in the application, and have a resource if, in the future, they need another copy! Not all scholarships come electronically. Scholarships will be emailed if the scholarship comes in a word doc.


*BLACK BOLD is current year (2023 graduates) scholarships already handed out/revealed to students.

Montana State University-Bozeman – Presidential Scholarships ~ Dec. 5
Zinch Scholarship Program ~ ASAP
Horatio Alger- October 25 (info given)
Daniels Scholarship Program - Character/Leadership/Service ~ Nov. 13 (info given)
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship ~ Nov. 15 (info given)
Elks National Foundation Scholarships for Elks Families: a. Legacy Awards ~ Jan. 30 / b. Emergency Educational Grants ~ Dec. 31
Alert Magazine Scholarship Program ~ ASAP
FIDM National Scholarship Program ~ ASAP
Seattle University - Sullivan Leadership Award ~ Nov. 15
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Scholarships ~ ASAP
NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award ~ Dec. 18
Montana State University-Billings - Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarships ~ ASAP
Central Wyoming College - Enhanced Hathaway Scholarships ~ June 1
University of Wyoming - Cowboy Battalion ROTC Scholarships ~ ASAP
Ronald McDonald House - U.S. Scholarship Program ~ Jan. 20
University of Virginia - Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarships ~ Dec. 1
Wyoming Water Well Richard A. Stockdale Memorial Scholarship ~ Jan. 1
ASUW High School Leadership Scholarship ~ Dec. 12 (a copy of this scholarship application from the University of Wyoming was given to all seniors)
Wyoming Chapter of ARMA International - Vicki Carroll Memorial-Business Scholarship ~ Apr. 1 members only
The Rocky Mountain Section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE-RMS) Scholarship ~ Feb. 2
National FFA Organization Scholarships ~ ASAP
Washington Crossing Foundation - National Scholarships ~ Jan. 15
Wyoming Mountain Mensa - Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarships ~ Jan. 15 (copy given)
MARIST College - Technology Scholarships ~ Feb. 1
University of Wyoming Alumni Association - In-State License Plate Funded Scholarships as well as link to all UW Scholarships available ~ Feb. 15 (a copy of this scholarship material was given to all seniors)
University of Wyoming Department of Chemistry Scholarships: a. The Clifford C. Hach Memorial Scholarship ~ Jan. 6 / b. The ACS Outstanding Entering Freshman Award ~ Mar. 15
Wyoming Trucking Association, Inc. Scholarship Program ~ Feb. 3
Big Horn Rural Electric Company Scholarships: a. Member Scholarship Program ~ Feb. 5 / b. Mike Lowe Memorial Scholarship Program ~ Feb. 5 / c. WREA Lineman Scholarship ~ Feb. 5/ d. Neil Adkins Lineworker Scholarship ~ Feb. 5 / e. Dar Hackworth Lineworker Scholarship ~ Feb. 5
Curt Kaiser Foundation Scholarships (we may send only one application from our school/if more than one person applies, a selection committee will determine which application to send) ~Feb. 26-to Mrs. Wiechmann
   Mar. 18 (due to Kaiser)
Wyoming Association of Educational Support Staff (WAESS) Scholarships ~ Feb. 26
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program ~ Feb. 29
College Sports Recruiting Scholarship ~ July 1
Wyoming Admissions Officers (WAO) Scholarships ~Mar. 31 (we may send only one application from our school/if more than one person applies, a selection committee will determine which application to send)
Wyoming Council of the Blind Scholarships ~ Mar. 15
Wyoming Elks Scholarship Awards ~ Mar. 1: a. Major Projects Scholarship Award / b. PGER George B. Klein Memorial Scholarship Award / c. Vocational Grant Scholarship Award (copy given)
State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship ~ Mar. 2
Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Award ~ Mar. 31 (copy given)
Sons of the American Legion - March 23
Daleray Madewell Memorial - PCI-WY Scholarship ~ Apr. 15
Wyoming Game Warden Association Scholarship ~ Mar. 1 (copy given)
Washakie County Farm Bureau Scholarship ~ Apr. 1 (copy given)
Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation - Livingston Family - H.J. King Memorial Scholarships ~ Mar. 1 (email)
Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation emailed out- due April 1
South Big Horn Basin Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute Scholarships ~ Mar. 31: a. High School Graduating Senior Scholarship / b.Continuing Education Scholarship / c. James Moore Memorial Vocational/Trade School Scholarship
Ten Sleep Lions Club / Merchant's Scholarships ~ May 1 (a copy of this scholarship material was given to all seniors)
Douvas Memorial Scholarship (1st generation)   ~ May 5
Wyoming Association of Rural Waters Systems Scholarship ~ Mar. 15
Local Scholarships (Worland) ~ March 10 (each senior was given a copy of this scholarship material) (the County Commissioner's Scholarships are a part of this list/one of the three County Commissioner Scholarships is designated for a Ten Sleep senior)
Billings Clinic Health Career Scholarships ~ Mar. 31
Western Dakota Tech - Build Dakota Scholarship ~ ASAP
Lewisia Chapter, Order of Eastern Star Scholarship ~ Apr. 22
Ten Sleep Staff Scholarship ~ May 1 (a copy of this scholarship material was given to all seniors)
Washakie County CowBelles' High School Senior Scholarship ~ April 1 (a copy of this scholarship material was given to all seniors)
Ray D. Lowe Foundation Scholarship ~ May 1 (a copy given to all srs.)
Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship ~ May 15
WAS, Absaroka (Archaeological Society) Chapter, Milford Hanson Memorial Scholarship ~ Apr. 18
Ten Sleep Community School Organization (CSO) Scholarship ~ April 26  (a copy of this scholarship material was given to all seniors)
AXA Achievement: December 15
Dylan Crossland Memorial Scholarship~ May 8 (a copy was given to all srs. and emailed)
Friends of the Library: April 17 (a copy was given to all srs.)
Rod Walker: (Fire Department) May 1 (a copy was given to all srs.)
WYSRO: Wyoming School Resource Officer    Feb. 1
Wyoming Secondary Principals   -April 1
Wyoming Auctioneers  Feb. 15
Hagan:  www.hsfmo.org   Nov. 15
Adeline Nelson   April 15
GFWC-W   April 15
BP Energy   April 1
PB & J  May 31
Proud to Host the Best:  Feb. 12 (applic per school per gender able to send on)
TCT  April 10 (NWC bound students)
WY LDS Foundation   May 15
Sunlight Federal Union   April 1
Washakie County "universal scholarship packet"   March 10
High Plains Power     March 17
Cloud Peaks Drags    April 20
WY weed and pest     April 15
Tom Easterly   April 1  (lifetime game stamp)
Wyoming Telecommunication Association Scholarship  April 14

(students are afforded time during advocacy, a student aide period if a student has chosen this class period, or homeroom time, or 8th period time to work on scholarships)